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Melanie McMullin


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Melanie McMullin

Brene Brown

I have enjoyed most everything I have listened to from Brene Brown

I especially loved her Ted Talks:

The Power of Vulnerability

Listening to Shame

Her SuperSoul Session:

The Anatomy of Trust


A few of the episodes I really enjoyed from her podcasts:

Debbie Millman 

(Design Matters Podcast)

and Roxane Gay

on Unlocking Us

Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Creative Space


Charles Duhigg


Habits and Productivity

on Dare to Lead


Under the Skin with Russel Brand


Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow 

Her Netflix special:

A Call to Courage



what are your intentions

Melanie McMullin

Many, but not all, of  Oprah's interviews, speeches, and books I have found interesting and inspiring.

I really love the question she asks herself and others:

What are your intentions?

I especially enjoyed many of the interviews on her podcast,

SuperSoul Conversations


do the next right thing

Melanie McMullin

A favorite activist and author of mine is Glennon Doyle.

She is brave.

Follow her on Instagram.

Her interview on Work in Progess 



soften your muddled heart

Melanie McMullin

When searching for a podcast to help me articulate my politic viewpoints more succinctly, I came across 2020 Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt featuring an interview with former Republican Senator, Jeff Flake.  Although it did not seem like something I would usually be attracted to, I gave it a try. I agree with Jeff Flake's viewpoints on Donald Trump, specifically how there is no longer an inviting space for civil discourse in the white house. 

The episode also included an advertisement for Nice White Parents by Chana Joffe-Walt. I am glad I took the time to listen; it was a very interesting 5 part series about the relationship between race and the public school system. 

I believe we need to create more inviting civic spaces and engage in compassionate dialogue if we are to heal and prosper as a society and nation.


neutrality is not enough

Melanie McMullin


Neutrality is Not Enough was created while listening to the Ted virtual conversation, The difference between being "not racist" and antiracist with author and historian,  Ibram X Kendi



see things differently

Melanie McMullin

Chronicle Books

has been a favorite publisher of mine for years.

Recently I came across a few talks by their Executive Publishing Director Christine Amini

called Creative Mornings: This Pep Talk is For You

and Live from 99U: The Power and Practice of Collaboration with Christina Amini

and In/Visible Talks 2019: Christina Amini - You + You + You: The Power of Collaboration


work in progress


Sophia Bush 

I don't watch much television, but I had seen Sophia Bush on One Tree Hill years ago; a show I was familiar with because my sister-in-law's sister, Moira Kelly played a character on it. 

After discovering the Goop podcast, I recognized the name  Sophia Bush and listened to her interview:

Why We Reduce Successful Women to One Thing

I am so glad I did because I really enjoyed the interview and it led me to her fabulous podcast:

Work in Progress


advocate for what you believe in

Melanie McMullin

Katie Couric 

is an American Journalist who hosts the podcast Next Question

America’s Maternal Mortality Crisis, Part 1 and Part 2  explores the rising mortality rates, especially for black women, during child-birth


chip away

Melanie McMullin

Lilla Rodgers is known as a leading international art agent, but I think of her as a change agent.

Through a multitude of courses she designs and teachers at Make Art that Sells, she mentors and inspires women in a multitude of ways to believe in themselves and live their best life.

Beth Kempton, an amazing author and producer and her co-partner in Make Art That Sells, interviewed Lilla Rodgers on her podcast Freedom Seeker Chronicles in the episode, On a Thriving Creative Career.


you deserve to feel seen

Melanie McMullin

Dr. Celeste Watkins-Hayes

interview with Sophia Bush on Work in Progress

really articulates why visibility matters


recognize intersectionality

Melanie McMullin

I didn't really know what intersectionality meant when I first heard it on a podcast (I don't remember which one).

It is a term coined by

Kimberle Crenshaw

Through my search I was led to her 

Ted Talk: The Urgency of Intersectionality

I believe understanding intersectionality would encourage more compassion in our society.


different is not deficient

Melanie McMullin

BJ Miller 

is a palliative doctor, author, and activist.

There is a plethora of interviews and information about him.

Two to start with are:

His Ted talk

What Really Matters at the End of Life

and his interview on 

All the Wiser


leverage solidarity

Melanie McMullin

Code Switch

Christina Xu

Claire Jean Kim


our sacred duty

Melanie McMullin

Dr. Melina Abdullah

An eye opening conversation with Sophia Bush on

Work In Progress


no lasan hara

Melanie McMullin

I appreciated

Sarah Hurwitz

reminder No Lashon hara

in her interview on the Goop Podcast:

The Principles We Live By

It is not possible to create an inclusive environment when gossip is present



promote inclusion


Melanie McMullin

Thais Compoint

Tedx Talk: Two steps anyone can take to drive inclusion and diversity


develop discernment 

Melanie McMullin


When I came across Goop's interview with Brene Brown:

On the Roots of Shame, Courage, and Vulnerabity,

I didn't know anything about Goop other than it was started by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Most Goop podcasts are done by Goop's Chief Content Officer, Elise Loehnen.

I was happy to be re-introduced to Sophia Bush in the interview:

Why We Reduce Successful Women to One Thing

Since then, I have enjoyed many of the interviews on The Goop Podcast

not all of course,

developing discernment is essential when exploring information and sources.


popularize the language of love

Melanie McMullin

Russel Brand

I didn't know much about Russell Brand when I came across his podcast,

Under the Skin,

in the episode 

Power and Vulnerability  with  Brene Brown.

I really love his style and how he interacts with people.

He demonstrated universal compassion in the episode

Populist Revolution, Will it Go Left or Right? with Candace Olsen.

I disagree with most everything Candace Olsen's said in the interview, but I believe it is helpful to listen with an open mind and open heart to all people we encounter.


be color brave

Melanie McMullin

Mellody Hobson

Mellody Hobson is helping spark the dialogue sincerely needed.

Ted Talk: Color Blind or Color Brave

The TED Interview: Mellody Hobson challenges us to be color brave



you matter

Melanie McMullin

Alice Wong

I came across Alice Wong's podcast

The Disability Visibility Project

when exploring where and how art and diversity intersects.

I found episode 68: accessibility

with Shannon Finnegan very interesting.



tell your story

Melanie McMullin

Reniqua Allen

I wanted to learn more about white privilege from a variety of sources.

I listened to Reniqua Allen's  Ted Talk:

The story we tell about millennials — and who we leave out

and two interviews:

CNN: "We know white privilege. It's not made up."

and at The Strand Bookstore

about her book:

It was All a Dream.

I am realizing to create a more inclusive environment, I must first deepen my own knowledge and understanding of institutional racism.


a spark for your soul

Melanie McMullin


Is a non profit that stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. 

I have enjoyed Ted Talks for many years. 

Here are a few of interest:

The Power of Vulnerability

Listening to Shame

The Urgency of Intersectionality

Color Blind or Color Brave

I will add more to this list in the future. 

I recently came across the TED Interview

and discovered 

Mellody Hobson challenges us to be color brave

I'm looking forward to more interviews from the curator of TED, Chris Anderson


ignite your openness


Melanie McMullin

Chelsea Handler

In 2008 another mom in my daughter's elementary school invited me to join a book club she was starting. The first book chosen was, Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea. Although this would never be a book I felt I would have picked, I did laugh out loud reading it and the book club (aka drinking club) went on for many, many months. 

After discovering the podcast Work in Progress,

I came across Chelsea Handler's episode.

This led me to watch her Netflix special

Hello Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea


After viewing Chelsea Handler's Netflix special,

I am challenging myself to think of ways I can expand my social circle to be more inclusive.



be a student of life

Melanie McMullin

While I draw, I listen to wide range of topics.

Here is a list of documentaries/podcasts/ episodes that are not directly related to visibility and inclusion, but I still found interesting...

Taylor Swift Documentary: Miss Americana

How I Built This with Guy Raz :

    ~Panera Bread/Au Bon Pain: Ron Shaich (2018)

Gwyneth Paltrow x Julia Louis Dreyfus: How Does Fear Push Us Forward?

Gwyneth Paltrow x Kevin Systrom: Where Great Ideas Come From

Interviews with creatives at: Morning on the Dock

Thought provoking conversations about parenting at: Light the Fight


Marianne Williamson


M Scott Peck

The Road Less Traveled

Expand Your Map


Seek Clarity

Melanie McMullin

Issa Rae

Goop Interview Owning our Awkwardness


Layla F Saad

Stepping Out of Privilege


Sara Sanford

Women in White supremacy 

Glenna Gordon




forgive yourself

Melanie McMullin

the most important person 

During my 13 year tenure working for the Gap, I was often charged with recruiting and hiring. One focus for the company in the 1990's was to adopt a diverse work force; we were encouraged to seek out people in the neighborhood. I enthusiastically embraced the idea that each store's staff reflect in clothing and employee, the community surrounding the four walls of the location.

My wardrobe is far less complicated than when I had to be a brand ambassador of style; most days I wear leggings and a long tunic with a cardigan bought at T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. While I was creating Weathered and Worthy I searched various online retailers for a red dress to wear on Christmas.

On every search engine and web store there was an obvious default;

the vast majority of models were thin white women with smooth skin, good vision, and able-bodies.

The reality is:
The average women's clothing size in America is 16.
More than 50 percent of women wear glasses.
The majority of the world's population identifies as non-white.

My hope is that these images and words will spark a dialogue, inspire you, and offer amity.

All Weathered and Worthy Women deserve to feel seen.

💖 Melanie


life re-imagined

Melanie McMullin